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JNCC Round 2 Osaka / English



Japan National Cross Country Round 2 Osaka (3 hour speed race & Japanese cross country race)

It was held on Sunday and the rain from Saturday made the road surface wet through the morning.

But road conditions got better and became the best by the time COMP (3hours) class started in the afternoon.




It was held at Plaza Sakashita and this place is a only 10 minute walk from Kawachinagano station in Osaka.

It’s so close, you could say “Enduro in front of the station”




So many participants joined this time too.

They put an artificial section with logs and tires in front of a pit.



#512 Mami Idegawa joined for the first time. She will be joining the 2019 Dakar Rally.

Her brother is Tomoyoshi Masuda who is doing great in Supermoto Japan.

She is an All Japan Women’s Motocross and MTB Downhill champion.

   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓





The favorite, #100 Takeshi Koikeda won rouund2 with a KTM350EXC-F.

He has been challenging GNCC in the United States and came back to Japan this year.

Now he is wearing #100 and jointed JNCC with KTM.

He took the lead in Round 1 but couldn’t notch the win because of the trouble that occurred in the second half.

This time he rode perfectly for whole 3 hours from beginning to end and won.




His best lap time was almost 7 seconds faster than the second place finisher.

He notched this time about 2 hours in (on lap 14 of 18).

GNCC has improved his riding and he’s so tough.




Welcome back Koikeda and congratulations!

2015 was his last year of challenging GNCC and we KRAZy heard that he is short of race funds.

So we tried to lend him some funds but it didn’t happened.



The second place was #11 Tatsuya Saiki with a KTM250SX-F.

He won round 1 but couldn’t win this round.




A pit stop for dealing with blisters on his hand was the biggest reason he couldn’t catch #100 Koikeda.

#11 Saiki’s riding was really stable and didn’t slow down even during the second half.




I want to see him riding in the rain one day.

I think he would do better in the rain since his home track is Cross Park Katsunuma in Yamanashi.




#11 Kenji Suzuki with 2 stroke 125 cc Yamaha YZ125 was 3rd place overall even though he is in Class AA2.

He is at full throttle the whole time!

Because of the sound of engine you can tell when he’s coming from a mile away.




That sound is so good to listen to.

I was screaming “Cooooool!” as I took photos! Lol.

Oh by the way he won in Class AA2.




Veteran rider #11 Kenji Suzuki. He is like a works rider of Yamaha Japan.




#1 Manabu Watanabe joined with a YZ250FX was 4th place overall.

He lost his front brake in crash at the beginning and still finished 4th without it.




#145 Daiki Baba who is joining All Japan Motocross IA2 (250cc class) was 6th place overall

even though he is in Class A.

He notched the best time in the final lap.

I think might do better in longer race?



#13 Nobuya Watarai with a Kawasaki KX250F was 8th place overall even though he is in Class AA2.

He is in second place in Class AA2.

His KX250F is set up for fine Enduro.

I think this is good for the people in over the middle class & upper class.




#31 is 2015’s AA2 champion Ren Ishidoya.

He joined with a KTM 450EXC-F in Round 1 but he changed to a KTM 300EXC in Round 2.

He was 9th place overall.




This year #6 Masato Kobayashi became a part of team KTM XPK Racing from this changed his machine to KTM.

He was 13th place overall.




Masahito and Ishidoya talking with Koikeda.




Cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

Have you ever seen cherry blossoms before?

There are races with cherry blossoms in full bloom this season.

Please come to Japan and enjoy the races.

Actually you can join the race and courses that are not that difficult.




2015’s champion Manabu Watanabe




Riders from All Japan Motocross round out the top.

Maybe because the track was like a motocross course and the road surface was most likely dry.

If it was in the rain the result could be different.

Some journalist said,

“This type of speed race is JNCC-like.

Becoming more like a speed race makes for more differences from JEC (Japan Enduro Championship)”

Round 3 is next in Hiroshima. April 10th.


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