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Playing in the snow in Japan / Karuizawa


Playing in the snow in Japan / Karuizawa

I often hear people saying “I want to play in the snow in Japan this time. Do you have any recommendations?”
Japanese snow is amazing with its characteristic gentleness.
I really want you to come enjoy it.


Hot springs, Sake, Delicious Japanese food (Wasyoku).This is the best season to enjoy Japan .
Playing in the snow usually entails skiing and snowboarding.
But it takes 1 to 3 days to be able to ski or snowboard.


These two are a little bit difficult.
Now we recommend the snow buggy (Snow ATV) and snowmobile.
You can enjoy these easily compared to skiing or snowboarding.


Karuizawa Prince Hotel in Nagano is a famous resort area where you can snowmobile and snow buggy.
You can experience the night time ride called “KaruizawaNight Adventure” in Karuizawa Ski Area which is located right next to Karuizawa Prince Hotel.


That sounds so exciting .
They take you to the top of mountain by pulling a sled witha snowmobile or you can ride a snow buggy.
The view from there is beautiful.
Come experience this special moment in this exceptional situation.


Night Cruise : Explore the night time ski area and enjoy the starry sky and night time view while riding on anilluminated sled .

Snow Ride : Head to the top of mountain by snow buggy. An Instructor will assist you.

Date : Night time business days between December 29th Thursday 2016 ~ March 5th Sunday 2017

Open : 5:30 P.M ~ 8:00 P.M

Price : 1. Snow Ride (2 person maximum per snow buggy)
One snow buggy: 16,000 yen
2. Night Cruise (6 person maximum per illuminated sled)
One person: 3,500 yen


Others 1. You can make reservation for Snow Ride and Night Cruise both.
2. Make sure to dress warmly when you come.




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