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SUPERMOTO JAPAN '16 #300Takayama's first victory.

#300 Naoto Takayama
SUPERMOTO JAPAN 2016 opned / S1 PRO class #300 Naoto Takayama’s first victory.

Held on April 23rd and 24th SUPERMOTO JAPAN 2016 took place at the Mihama circuit in Aichi.

#300 Naoto Takayama grabbed his first victory in S1 PRO class.

Race 2 was a come-from-behind win for him too. He claimed overall victory in the 450cc class.

#300 Naoto Takayama won Race 1 & Race 2 and claimed overall victory.


Race1 / Start

He notched the best time in the qualifying time attack and grabbed the pole position.

He grabbed the holeshot and kept his position as the lead.

And he withstood the attack by #2 Ikki Morita in the dirt section on the final lap and the checkered flag.

It was his first S1 PRO win.


#300 Takayama praises the sky after the checkered flag.

Takayama stopped his machine, exploding with happiness.


#4 Makoto Arai

In Race 2, #4 Makoto Arai grabbed the holeshot and took the lead.

He had veterans following from behind and he kept the lead till the final lap.

We thought he was going to win the race in that fashion but he made a big mistake in the dirt section.

#300 Takayama and #2 Morita caught #4 Arai off guard and overtook him.

#300 Takayama won Race 2 after all. It was a dramatic come-from-behind win.


#300 Naoto Takayama / Race1_1st Race2_1st
It was really impressive.

Mr. Tony who became a head coach this season rejoiced as he raised both arms in surprise.

Tony Schulze became a head coach and has been getting ready for the win in the opening round

with new team preparations which paid off having won both round.


Head coach Tony said, “We have been preparing since the end of last year.

This win means a lot. I think this is a natural consequence for Takayama though.”


#2 Ikki Morita / Race1_2nd Race2_2nd


It was unfortunate for #2 Ikki Morita who almost caught #300 Takayama but placed 2nd in both races.

And #4 Makoto Arai who had the lead until the dirt section in the final lap in Race 2.

Even though #4 Makoto Arai said he hasn’t entirely mastered the specialty

of the new Husqvarna FS450, he achieved this result.

We think he will continue to improve himself.


#300 Naoto Takayama


#2 Ikki Morota


#4 Makoto Arai


S1 OPEN class #17 Keisuke Tanaka won by half a wheel length for the first time. All Over class

A dramatic come back occurred in this S1 OPEN class too.

#5 Kawadome, who had the lead, lost control of his rear tire on the last corner

in the final lap.


Then #17 Keisuke Tanaka who had been attacking drew equal with Kawadome.

Acceleration battle on the straight.

#17 Tanaka won the checkered flag by less than 50cm.

It was a dramatic come-from-behind win by #17 Keisuke Tanaka.

There was a discussion because a yellow flag was waved right

before the last corner but it did not result in any change.


Veteran #12 Kentaro Ohnishi won S2 class/250cc class.

S2 class became a battle of the first SUPER MOTARD All Japan champion #12 Kentro

Ohnishi and the young #5 Sakito Kotani.

#12 Onishi from All Japan Motocross won.

He finished by holding off #5 Kotani who is good at riding on asphalt.

The next round in Kumamoto has been cancelled because of the earthquake.


Race Queen


#6 Shinji Kaneko


Round 3 will be in Fukushima.




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