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SUPERMOTO JAPAN 2015 R6 Biwako / World KRAZy


SUPERMOTO JAPAN 2015 R6 Biwako at Biwako

Round 6 was held at Lake Biwa Sports Land in Shiga.

The weather was nice.


All photos were taken by Mr.Nariyoshi Shinohara.





Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan.

The water they use at gardens in Kyoto comes from this lake.





This Biwako sports land isn’t huge but it has a lot of hairpin corners.


A dirt section which is created with a technical jump section

and hairpin turns is located behind the stands apart from asphalt course.









#1 サアイ

#1 Kiyoshi Saai won S1 pro class, the highest class, with a 450cc machine.


He won race 1 and placed 4th in race 2.

Now he tops the series rankings with 176 points.




#2 Ikki Morita finished in second place overall.

He captured second place in race 1 and third place in race 2.

His speed has become stable. I guess his body and machine are getting along.

He is one of pioneers called “Michinoku-Gumi” who started Supermoto.

#4 Satoshi Chiba from S1 open classs, CEO of Garage OPB Mr. Hiroyuki Omori,

Taku Izumi who’s doing great in JEC, Atsuta’s (who’s doing great in All Japan Moto) big brother Takateru Atsuta

are the members of this Michinoku-Gumi.

Michinoku-Gumi is playing an important role in the effort to spread Tohoku Supermoto sports.




The 17 year rider #5 Makoto Arai captured 3rd place overall.

He notched the best time in time attack and got pole position.

He placed 8th in race 1, but won race 2, his second victory of this season.

In race 1, he got involved in a crash right after the start and slowed down.

He did his best but it seems like the exhaust system was damaged, so he finished in 8th place.









#1 サアイ

#1 Saai who won race 1.

He made his way through from a crash that happened right after the start and took the lead.

At the end of the race a crash occurred at the back and red flag was waved.


#1 Saai is really good at making his way through from a crash even though it happens under his nose.

A couple years ago in the Mihama round,

the way he dodged right away when the other rider slipped right in front of him was amazing.




#2 Ikki Morita captured second place.

He started like a rocket as usual.

He also made his way through from a crash with #1 Saai and tried to catch him.

But right before his attack on #1 Saai a red flag waved.





#6 Shinji Kaneko placed third.

Because of placing in the previous round he captured third place,

even though at the end of the race the opponent collided with him and an intense crash happened.


He is a 54 year super veteran.

But since his change to new Husqvarna recently his performance is improving.

He is the father of Ryuta Kaneko who succeeded in Asia.





An operation on #16 Kazuyuki Kaneko from Tochigi who crashed in time attack,

was successfully completed and he will be discharged from the hospital soon.





#5 Makoto Arai won race 2.

He rides an Italian Husqvarna which lacks power but he grabbed the holeshot from pole position

and waved aside the chase by second place #15 So-do Hamahara.

He used to suffer due to his own mistakes or crash in the dirt section

even though he is good but he maintained himself this time and grabbed the victory.

It was new Husqvarna vs old Husqvarna and old Husqvarna won this game.




#15 So-do Hamahara placed second in race 2.

He tracked down #5 Makoto but couldn’t get close enough to catch him and finished in second place.

He can’t bring himself to grab the first victory.

Dropped to second in point ranking with 168 points.

#1 Saai is 8 points higher than him and there are 2 races left.




#2 Ikki Morita placed 3rd in race 2.

Two young riders went hard and made gap between #2 Ikki and he didn’t have a chance to attack.

However, young riders #5 Makoto and #15 So-do are really strong this year.

Maybe a new era has begun.









#1 サアイ笑顔

#1 Saai joined FIM Asia Supermoto championship this year.

But he’s done with it for this year.

He seems to be questioning how he is treated by the locals.



#1 サアイ

Saai’s racing wear is designed by a female designer.

That’s why it is so colorful and refreshing.

I like this type of design too, even though usually “Strong” and “Wild” are the main theme for racing wear design.

There is a possibility some new things will be born from here

even though motorcycle racing is still only for men in Japan.




#2 Ikki Morita and Mr.Ishihara from “Wheel Technology” which import and sell Marchesini.




In Round 6 the noteworthy rider was #5 Makoto Arai.

At first his veteran teammate Yassy also from CP sports self destructed a lot because of

his aggressive riding style just like Makoto.

I’ve heard #5 Mokoto didn’t like to practice much before

but it seems like he’s changed since before R4 in Hiroshima and is striving for practice.

Now he’s taking steps to become a top rider.

He is the most noteworthy rider now.




#5 Makoto is getting shy because of veteran rider #2 Ikki congratulated him and shook his hand.

It’s not surprising though because #2 Ikki was already a top rider and a star when Makoto started riding.










The message from #7 Masuda a.k.a. JAWS who broke a bone in the SUGO round.


“I underwent an operation in August for first time in 20 years for my broken collarbone

and felt a little bit down but I’m getting better with all the support from so many people.

I don’t think it’s possible to come back to Supermoto this season

but I will do my best during rehabilitation to demonstrate my fight in front of you guys.

I promise that I will keep going even though I know there are a lot of things ahead in my future.”

from #7JAWS Masuda


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