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Supermoto Japan 2017 is opening.


Supermoto Japan 2017 is opening

Supermoto Japan is finally opening on the 29th and 30th this month.
The opening round will be held at Okegawa Sports Land in Saitama.
This place is only an hour away from Tokyo by car.




There are 3 different classes.

S1 PRO class –
This is the top class where they use 450cc machine in this class.
You can join this class if you placed 3rd or better in S1 OPEN class or S2 class.
S1 OPEN class –
Unlimited engine displacement
S2 class –
250cc class




S1 PRO champion Ikki Morita (Suzuki RM-Z450), #2 Makoto Arai who just turned 20 (Husqvarna FS450), #300 Naoto Takayama (Honda CRF450R), these three are the must-see riders.
And sometimes top riders from road racing join in as wild cards.
World champion Hiroshi Aoyama is joining the final round.






It seems like Japanese Supermoto has evolved in itsown way.
Which is by using “grip” a lot.

Letting the rear tire out while going into the corner ischaracteristic of Supermoto, but only few riders use this style.
Champion #1 Ikki Morita barely uses this style because it’s faster for him.




On the other hand rider like #2 Makoto Arai uses it more often.
Arai joined the FIM ASIA Supermoto Championship last year.
The way he lets the rear tire slide wildly is really popular.
And some rounds the dirt section of the track is more than half of the course.










Supermoto Japan 2017 will be held on April 30th. Let’s see how the battle goes.


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