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Supermoto Japan R4 / English


Supermoto Japan R4 Lake Biwa

Supermoto Japan R4 was held on September 16th and 17th at Biwako Sportsland,

located on the west side of Lake Biwa in Shiga.




This Lake Biwa area has a lot of nostalgic Japanese scenery.

Kyoto is a close and famous as tourist spot,

but the Lake Biwa area is good as well if you’ve been to Japan before.

You can experience Live Japan in this area.









The probability of rain on Sunday was 40 to 70%

so we couldn’t tell if it would rain or not.

As such, there is a high possibility that they would change tires many times.

They call it “Tire Matsuri'” which means “tire festival” in Japanese.









The final on Sunday started with a wet surface because of the rain in the early morning.

But that rain stopped at 8am

and surface is drying up little by little so it was hard to read the course condition.

Most likely, the rider with lots of experience is also good at machine setup,

machine control and speed.




The veteran #2 Ikki Morita (SRF Miyagi & FTR) won that race.

#2 Ikki notched the best time in time attack and started from the pole position.

He grabbed the holeshot , maintained the lead and won.

“I’m going to aim to be the champion this year”

He has never said this type of thing before but this year he did.




#4 is 19 year old Makoto Arai riding a new Husqvarna (CP sports Husqvarna NAGANO).

This #4 Makoto was at the top in point ranking until the previous round (R3).

The speed of the new machine FS450 and his outstanding machine control skill made him a champion candidate.

It’s likely only #4 Makoto or #300 Takayama can keep up with #2 Ikki in this situation.

#300 Takayama only joins some races so he didn’t join this time, prioritizing pro activity.


#4 Makoto placed 4th on the starting grid because he made a mistake in the time attack

so he couldn’t clock a good time.

He also made a mistake at the start of Race 1 so he has to started from the bottom.

But his come back in this Race 1 was amazing.


He overtook at every corner from out and in, and speeding in the short crosscut area.

He controlled his bike really well on the slippery surface and caught the top group.


But his attack went over the limit, at the end he start attacking Ikki and slipped.

He placed 4th in Race 1 and 3rd in Race 2 and 3rd overall.




The other young rider that one must take notice of is #9 Ryo Shirotori (Husqvarna NAGANO OWNER711)
He is only 17.

He notched the 3rd time in time attack and he placed 2nd in Race 2 with a good start.

He placed 3rd in Race 1 and 2nd overall.

He is must the see young rider. He got a road race offer from Team NORICK.

He is planning to join foreign races.




#8 Yuichi Yoshida (Technix) clocked the 2nd best time in time attack and placed 2nd in Race 1.

He is turning out good results these days.

We wrote that he is worthy of attention and he did great this time again.

He placed 4th overall.

#8 Yoshida is the smallest in S1 Pro Class.

He belongs to Technix.

Technix has been growing really fast in Motocross,

Enduro and this Supermoto by making high quality suspensions.

We are planning to do a long term test on Technix suspension soon.


7.16 sat Test day / #2 Ikki Morita












#2 Suzuki RM-Z450 Ikki Morita / SRF Miyagi & FTR

We are planning to publish a report about this machine.


イッキ マシンヨコ


Bridgestone Tire & Yoshimura Exhaust System

And gold Marchesini stands out really well.

They have been using sp many cast wheels in Japanese Supermoto.

But only this Marchesini is left

because others do not enough strength and are unfixable once bent.




#4 Husqvarna FS450 Makoto Arai / CP sports Husqvarna NAGANO



The next round will be held on August 6th and 7th in Hiroshima.

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