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The very popular Karuizawa Prince Ski Area “Snow Ride” has ended. Thank you so much.

The very popular Karuizawa Prince Ski Area “Snow Ride” has ended. Thank you so much.

The “Night Adventure Snow Ride” originated from people asking, “Where in Japan can I play in the snow?”
Anybody can enjoy playing in the snow with a snow buggy (Snow ATV) and a snowmobile on the “Night Adventure Snow Ride.”
Most of the snow-related activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow trekking require some practice.
But this “Snow Play” with snow buggy and snowmobile doesn’t require practice.
That could be one of the reasons why it became so popular and closed for the season. Thank you so much.
They are planning to hold it again this winter.
So when you come to Japan please enjoy this “Night Adventure Snow Ride” in Nagano, Karuizawa.

Check previous article for more info.
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You can experience the night time ride called “Karuizawa Night Adventure” at the Karuizawa Ski Area which is located right next to the Karuizawa Prince Hotel.
They take you to the top of mountain by pulling a sled with a snowmobile or you can ride a snow buggy.
The view from there is beautiful.

Snow Ride : Head to the top of mountain by snow buggy. An Instructor will assist you.
Night Cruise: Explore the night time ski area and enjoy the starry sky and night time view while riding on an illuminated sled. This illuminated sled is also popular because it is kind of thrilling.
photo:Naruyoshi Shinohara / Jun Yamagishi
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