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A proposal for a next generation police motorcycle.

I made a Supermoto version of police motorcycle in a long time ago.

Because Supermoto is the fastest on city roads.



We were talking and the subject turned to

“If we were robbing a bank, what kind of vehicle are going to use?”

At the very least we thought not a car

because it would be difficult to get away since it only can travel on roads.

We came to the conclusion that a Supermoto motorcycle is the best.


“Of course it’s fast on roads and aside from travelling on roads you can drive on stairs,

inside of buildings, and going the wrong way is possible so it has the highest chance to get away.”



After that discussion I had time to think alone.

“In that case maybe Supermoto is really good as a police motorcycle?

Once it gets out of the city it would become a speed battle

and that is not for Supermoto but in the city, a Supermoto motorcycle will probably do the job.



I know this proposal would not be accepted in Japan.

But maybe there is a small possibility in northern Europe?

Other country’s police motorcycles have a variety of designs.

Just thinking about it got me excited.




So I actually made this.

Doesn’t it looks like a scene from a movie?



Oh by the way there was this popular manga called “WILD7” in 1970’s.

This is the story of unique 7 cops that ride police motorcycles.

It is like modern version of Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai’, an action police manga.


Each of them rode a unique motorcycle.

Like, off road motorcycle or sidecar motorcycle.

There was this scene where the main character “Hiba” went on stairs in a building .






So we made a Supermoto version of a police motorcycle as a joke and did a photo shoot too.

Don’t you think this is kind of cool??


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