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YAMAHA YZ125X Debut! / They announced that the Cross Country Enduro motorcycle "YZ125X" would be released in Japan



YAMAHA YZ125X Debut!

They announced that the Cross Country Enduro motorcycle “YZ125X” would be released in Japan on June 10th.

The release date is October 5, 2016 .





This YZ125X is made with a suspension and power output for Country Enduro

based on the 2 stroke 125cc motocross machine YZ125.

The main changes are a designated CDI, suspension

for Cross Country Enduro, 18 inch rear rim, an additional side stand, and an equipped reserve fuel tank .

The offering price in Japan is 580,000 yen (without tax).




This YZ125X has been through action tests and has proven that it has high strength,

usefulness and durability.

The development rider is Kenji Suzuki.

He is a top rider who won the Japan Enduro Championship and JNCC several times.


#11 Kenji Suzuki on JNCC 2016 R2 Ohsaka


#11 Kenji Suzuki on JNCC 2016 R2 Ohsaka


We want you guys to wait for the report of the test ride until July

because in July because the media test rides are around that time.

Actually we managed to test ride Kaori Kondo’s machine which is really similar to the YZ125X.

We experienced the YZ125X despite the short time we spent.

It’s compact, light, has a power even in the low RPM band ,

and can achieve power of on par with a motocross machine level at high RPM.

The setting we tested is for #902 Kaori Kondo

so this is not an actual impression of a standard production machine

but I think it’s safe to say this machine has a great potential in that it could be set up like this.

We are thinking about publishing our test ride impressions around the middle of June.

Stay tuned!




Single-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement 124cc
Bore×Stroke 54.0mm×54,5mm
Compression ratio 7,4~8,8 :1
Transmission 6speed
Wheel base 1450mm
Max length 2140mm
Max width 825mm
Max height 1280mm
Seat height 955mm
Ground clearance 350mm
Weight(oil in) 95kg
Fuel tank capacity 8.0L
Front tyre 90/90-21 54M
Rear tyre 110/90-18 61M

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